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10 Sep 2017

Cost Per Usage

I’m always surprised when I realize my $400 suit costs about $20 each wear. Of course I may not live similar to a banker who probably wear a suit 50-100 times before replacement, but most formal engagements require me to spend one suit utilization unit and when I start to iron it the thought crosses my mind.

Bike shorts, cost somewhere around $5 whenever I go for a ride. I bought my golf clubs for a steal at $150 and have played at least 50 rounds of golf for a cost of $3 per round. Our mattress cost $700 and, if I assume 5 years of nightly sleep, costs us $0.39 per night. My shoes that I wear every day cost $100 and will last me about a year giving me a $0.27 per day amortized cost per use.

Bridesmaids probably have it the worst. Unlike groomsmen who can rent matching tuxedoes, they usually have to purchase a $200-$300 gown that they will wear once for a per usage cost of $300.

I have not driven daily in the past five years. When I did, I understood that society requires car ownership (a lease at least) to participate. I never once thought about the cost per use of my car, but thinking about it now it seems rather negative.

Take my Audi lease in 2010-2013. It cost $614 per month plus $100 per month insurance for a total of $714 per month. Over the 36 month lease, I spent $25,704. Assuming I drove the car two times per day, that cost me $11.73 per ride! While not all rides are created equal, this is rather surprising.

This metric of per cost usage seems reasonably useless based on this cursory investigation. I’m still reasonably interested in the thought but not able to make any conclusions.

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