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30 Jul 2018

Daily Stoicism: Stoic Joy

Seneca reminds us that joy is something to strive for. Something that is not an externally manifested trait but something that cames from within. Something that comes with being content with who we are and what we do. Something that allows us to stay calm and curious in the face of adversity.

These descriptions were never in my description of joy. I saw joy as something that came from within (not something that one easily inspires in another) but still something that manifested in happiness. What's clear is Seneca's definition of joy comes much closer to fulfillment or pride than joy.

After a long discussion, I concluded that joy could derive from perfection. I may not be perfect but I can come to perfection in my enjoyment of my glass of wine. I can perfectly put on my socks. Finding genuine joy within perfecting every day things sounds like a great aspiration.

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