Compiling Leadership

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04 Jan 2017

Daily Stoicism: The Big Three

Control your perceptions, Direct your actions properly, Willingly accept what’s outside your control.

Perception, action, and will are the big three. Clearly with these three statements aligned huge improvements are guaranteed.

For me the furthest from optimal is my ability to control my perceptions. When I feel things going the wrong way for me, my first reaction is people are acting subversively. For instance, when scheduling an appointment with someone’s assistant, I constantly second guess any questions they ask or changes they make. I perceive the person I’m trying to schedule with filtering their shade through the pen of their assistant, when in reality, I’m competing against many for a few slots on a calendar.

Controlling perception comes down to giving full focus to my emotions. So much of what I perceive gets filtered through knee jerk reactions that if I find a way to slow down and actually analyze the emotions that my perceptions will feel more controlled. Perhaps not correct, but controlled.

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