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02 Jan 2017

Daily Stoicism January: Clarity

The month’s focus is clarity. My initial reflections on clarity bring me back to an online RPG I played as a teenager called Everquest where in order to recover mana you had to just sit there. In fact, before you reached level 35 you had to sit there and stare at your spell book. The clarity spell cast by the enchanter class would speed up mana recovery significantly.

As I reflect more on the concept of clarity outside the realm of video games, I think of those fleeting glimpses of the world where all of my emotions express themselves in harmony. Suddenly everything becomes clear and my correct and optimal path shows itself. A brief moment of clarity.

Clarity in the engineering world has been far simpler to achieve. The path of implementation for a new product, concept, or test discovers me a lot of the time. Even when there’s a problem that does not lend an easy solution, I can see how to tackle it by breaking it down into components or sub problems.

Prior to going through this month, I think that clarity is like being in the zone. When I'm there, things move more slowly so I can solve problems quicker. When I’m there I can feel every muscle in my body working for me. When I’m there I understand things without needing to focus on them. When I’m there, things seem to happen effortlessly.

I go into this month with my eyes open and ready to meditate on thirty one concepts around clarity. New year, new goals and I look forward to learning and sharing.

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