Compiling Leadership

15 years of building, leading, and managing; failures and successes

01 Jan 2017


I’m a San Francisco Bay Area native. I grew up in Palo Alto, went to school at Stanford to study Computer Science and now live in SF.

By Day

I’m a problem solver. Usually this means working with others to build things using computers. I’ve been a professional software engineer since 2007, a product manager since 2013, and an entrepreneur since 2014. I may be the most passionate person you’ll ever work with.

I run a consultancy that focuses on finding efficient solutions to problems for my clients. I focus mostly in software architecture and software team efficiency. If you’d like to chat, reach out to me by email or twitter.

By Night

I like taking on new hobbies. I learn the basics and practice for a few months, then tend to move on. Some of the hobbies I’ve enjoyed over the past 15 years: Glass blowing, Biomedical research, French horn, Road Cycling, Running, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Poker, Golf, Yoga, Video games, Camping.

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