Compiling Leadership

15 years of building, leading, and managing; failures and successes

08 Oct 2020

Making Analytics Work with Segment

As part of work on my new company, [Debrief](, I've gone through a self-taught Electron cras...
04 Jun 2020

Black Lives Matter - Rationalizing the opposition

# Black Lives Matter This is true, categorically and unequivocally. I stand with all black and brown people for equalit...
19 Jan 2020

Testing consts and switch statements with go/ast

A working (albeit hacky) solution to ensure your switch statement includes all consts within a file.
12 Jan 2020

Interview Correctly: Are You Selecting for the Right Things?

I have been lucky to have interview training from small companies, large companies, and external consultants. I've prac...
05 Jan 2020

Career Growth: Going Forward by Going Backward

One year ago I made a major career change. I transitioned from an engineering director position managing a team of 18 e...