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Epictetus states that only the educated are free. That it’s not enough to say only the free should be educated. Cause and effect — cast off the shackles by learning. Historically, learning has driven me. Not necessarily learning via an organized process, but understanding a concept down to the basics. Once I feel I understand, once I have forged my ring, I truly own that lesson. Freedom, in my view, is understanding and truly owning all of the lessons. ... Read More
Epictetus asks rhetorically where to do we look for good and evil? Within the externals that we have no control over or the choices that we control. Obviously things that we have no control over should not affect our happiness or outlook and yet so often we look at these externals as reflections of who we are, or some outcome of choices that we made. When we missed our connect flight by 2 minutes due to a delay I yelled my head off and acted really salty to the women at the gate, but it had no affect on the situation other than darkening my outlook. ... Read More
The month’s focus is clarity. My initial reflections on clarity bring me back to an online RPG I played as a teenager called Everquest where in order to recover mana you had to just sit there. In fact, before you reached level 35 you had to sit there and stare at your spell book. The clarity spell cast by the enchanter class would speed up mana recovery significantly. As I reflect more on the concept of clarity outside the realm of video games, I think of those fleeting glimpses of the world where all of my emotions express themselves in harmony. ... Read More
I’ve begun going through the 366 daily stoic meditations provided by (The Daily Stoic)[]. I decided that there’s no better way to distill my knowledge and share it with others than putting it in a daily update. I will likely falter and miss updating some days, but look forward to reading my musings on a few hundred meditations on Stoicism.

Hello, World!
2 Jan 2017

I’ve had “Make a personal website” on my todo list for about 5 years now. It always seemed daunting. At the end of the day, I continued to let the perfect be the enemy of the good and thus never pulled the trigger on it. But here we are, a reasonable website that’s not great, but I’m happy with the first step. As a goal for 2017, I plan to add my book reviews here, and attempt to write a blog post four times per month. ... Read More