Recent Thoughts

Cost Per Usage
10 Sep 2017

I’m always surprised when I realize my $400 suit costs about $20 each wear. Of course I may not live similar to a banker who probably wear a suit 50-100 times before replacement, but most formal engagements require me to spend one suit utilization unit and when I start to iron it the thought crosses my mind. Bike shorts, cost somewhere around $5 whenever I go for a ride. I bought my golf clubs for a steal at $150 and have played at least 50 rounds of golf for a cost of $3 per round. ... Read More

Crossing the Chasm
9 Sep 2017

Absolutely fantastic book. I forgot to write a review for it initially and now (6 months later) I finally am getting back to it. I can say that over the past 6 months, this is the book I’ve referenced the most (save for “A Song of Ice and Fire series” due to Game of Thrones’ penultimate season) and couldn’t recommend it higher. Summary Chapter 1: High-Tech Marketing Illusion In academic terms, such change sensitive products are called “discontinuous” or “disruptive innovations”. ... Read More

Made to Stick
23 Jan 2017

An absolutely brilliant book detailing the six major qualities of a sticky idea: Simplicity, Unexpectedness, Concreteness, Credibility, Emetional, Stories. The Heath brothers investigate each of these six qualities in detail, investigating good and bad examples and paring their findings with academic studies. Not quite as academic as Predictably Irrational but a lot of the same themes show up. Summary Chapter 1: Simple Stick to the prime objective Southwest airlines is THE low-fare airline Answers questions all the way down the org chart Burying the lead News should start with most important info and then decrease in importance down the page Burying the lead happens when most important points slip down the page If you say 3 things, you don’t say anything Bill Clinton (1992) campaign must have one platform “It’s the economy, stupid! ... Read More
Overall a fantastic book detailing human behavior from a psychological and economic point of view. My favorite chapter was Cost of Social Norms, as it opened my eyes to a new point of view on interactions in a professional context. Dan Ariely does an amazing job detailing caveats of human irrationality throughout the book and I would say a must read for anyone. Summary Chapter 1: The Truth About Relativity Objectivity is nearly impossible how much is something actually worth? ... Read More
After falling behind doing one of these a day by about a week and doing a lot of reflection in a single day, I’m noticing a ton of repetition. In fact, circle of control was something that I reflected on here, here, here, and here. Not that this doesn’t bear repeating, but circle of choice has started to sound like the circle of dead horses. The author brings up a new point today though about how a stoic only controls his mind. ... Read More